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Thiết bị làm mát SMC – 2

Thông tin sản phẩm

  • Thermo-dryer With air temperature adjustment function IDHx

    Series/CAD Air flow capacity m3/h (ANR) Outlet air temperature adjustment range Outlet air set
    pressure range
    Outlet air
    control method
    IDHx4 100 to 500 15 to 30℃ 0.15 to
    0.85 MPa
    ±0.1 Heater operation
    PID control
    IDHx6 200 to 800
    • Stable supply of temperature and pressure controlled dry clean air.

    Possible to supply compressed air with the same conditions and quality regardless of the season.

    • Application example:

    Supplying compressed air with constant conditions to air bearings mounted on the tool.

    • Built-in filter

    Nominal filtration: 0.01μm(99.9% filtration efficiency)
    Outlet oil mist concentration: Max. 0.01 mg/m3(ANR)
    Outlet cleanliness: Particles of 0.3 μm or more: 3.5 particles/L (ANR) or less

    • Power supply available all over the world

    Single-phase 100VAC, 200VAC, 230VAC (50/60 Hz)


    Heatless Air Dryer ID

    Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Inlet flow L/min (ANR)
    ID 80 to 780 100 to 975
    • Supply dry air with a low dew point below -30ºC.
    • Compact and lightweight without a heater or an electric control board.
    • Possible to check the outlet dew point with the indicator. (Selfregenerative style allows for easy maintenance.)


    Membrane Air Dryer IDGxA

    Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Standard dew point (ºC )
    IDG30A, 50A 300, 500 -20
    IDG30HA, 50HA 300, 500 -15
    IDG30LA, 50LA 75, 110 -40
    • Energy saving design
    • Running cost reduced by 31%. (compared with existing models)
    • Non-fluorocarbon
    • Power supply not required.
    • Compatible with low dew points


    Membrane Air Dryer IDG

    Series/CAD Outlet flow L/min (ANR) Standard dew point (ºC )
    IDG1 to 100 10 to 1000 -20
    IDG3H to 100H 25 to 1000 -15
    IDG30L to 100L 75 to 300 -40
    IDG60S to 100S 50 to 150 -60
    • Non-freon
    • Power supply not required
    • Compatible with low dew points.
    • No vibration or heat discharge.
    • With a dew point indicator.


    Moisture Control Tube IDK

    Series/CAD O.D./I.D. (mm) Effective length (mm) Applicable fittings
    IDK02 2/1.2 100
    IDK04 4/2.5
    IDK06 6/4
    • Prevents condensation in piping for small cylinders/air grippers.
    • Diffuses water vapor in the piping to the outside.
    • All you have to do is install the moisture control tube. Additional power supply and works are not necessary.
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